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  • Watch Radiohead's Sinister 'Burn the Witch' Video
    After briefly erasing their internet presence, Radiohead's official website came back to life Tuesday with a new video for "Burn the Witch," potentially the first single off the band's upcoming ninth studio album. Radiohead previously teased the track's arrival with a mysterious leaflet sent to fans this weekend. "Burn the Witch"...
  • Little Richard Denies Near-Death Rumors: 'I'm Still Singing'
    Reports that rock and roll pioneer Little Richard is in extremely grave health have been percolating in the news, with website Digital Music News and The Mercury News reporting the singer is in poor health.  "A friend, a legend & some say the true King of Rock & Roll. Lil-Richard needs our...
  • Stones, McCartney, Dylan, the Who, Waters, Young Confirm Mega-Fest
    Six of rock's biggest artists and bands will perform at the same fest for the first time this fall. The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, the Who, Neil Young and Roger Waters have all confirmed that they will take turns playing Desert Trip, a three-night...

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