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  • Watch Dave Grohl Reunite With Battle of the Bands Rival Onstage
    Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways tour has witnessed a number of strange occurrences over the past few months: A shattered leg, a rickrolling of the Westboro Baptist Church, Foo fans covering Rush and onstage invites for Jewel and Dave Grohl's doctor. However, at Foo Fighters' Memphis gig Wednesday night,...
  • Easton Corbin Explains Why 'Yup' Was a Hard Sell
    Easton Corbin wasn't always sold on his new single "Yup." In fact, he tells Rolling Stone Country, he didn't really like it the first time he heard it. "It's a little different from what people normally hear from me, but it's a good thing to change it up a little bit,"...
  • Not Sucking in Their Seventies: Rock Lifers Go the Distance
    We've reached a strange and wondrous moment where if you're in the mood for some Seventies guitar rock, you might end up listening to a new album recorded by a rocker in his seventies. There certainly was no guarantee things would turn out this way, partly because no one ever...

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