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  • Robin Thicke: 'I Know the Difference Between Inspiration and Theft'
    Robin Thicke maintained that he did not plagiarize Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" when he co-wrote "Blurred Lines" in his first interview since a jury decided otherwise. "I know the difference between inspiration and theft," he recently told The New York Times. "I’m constantly...
  • Amy Winehouse Demos for Unfinished Third LP Destroyed
    Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at age 27, with only two studio albums to her name. The troubled singer recorded demos for a third LP, but those tracks will never be heard – since they were destroyed by David Joseph, chairman/CEO of Winehouse's label, Universal Music...
  • Luke Bryan on 'Kill the Lights,' Country's Sexiest Men
    Luke Bryan is in the middle of one of his biggest years. In March, he wrapped up his wildly popular Spring Break EP collection and is pregaming for the August release of his fifth studio album Kill the Lights with his Kick the Dust Up tour. "With Kill the Lights, my...

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