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  • Bono, Edge Break Down Tumultuous Origins of U2's 'Cedarwood Road'
    Bono and the Edge broke down U2's songwriting process and recalled the rough North Dublin roots that inspired the Songs of Innocence cut, "Cedarwood Road," in a revealing interview for Song Exploder. The song gets its name and story from the street Bono grew up on, but it...
  • Flashback: Yes Play 'Starship Trooper' on Last Tour With Classic Lineup
    The death of Yes bassist Chris Squire is a tragedy on many levels, only one of which is the fact that a complete reunion of the classic lineup of the band is now impossible. Discounting the short-lived late 1980s Yes splinter group Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Squire played in...
  • Kip Moore Admits Scrapping Entire Album for New Songs
    Last June, Kip Moore was promoting a new single and expecting a fall release date for his second album. The song, "Dirt Road," had more to it than the title suggests, telling the story of a Southern kid who begins to reject the message his preacher sends down from the...

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