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  • Luke Bryan on 'Kill the Lights,' Country's Sexiest Men
    Luke Bryan is in the middle of one of his biggest years. In March, he wrapped up his wildly popular Spring Break EP collection and is pregaming for the August release of his fifth studio album Kill the Lights with his Kick the Dust Up tour. "With Kill the Lights, my...
  • Hear Prince's Psychedelic New Song, 'HARDROCKLOVER'
    Prince's new song, "HARDROCKLOVER," opens not with the expected thunderous riff, but a minimalist synth pulse. The singer-guitarist surveys the hazy scene at a party, "in between this waking life and R.E.M." – but when the title lover walks in the room, the track erupts with psychedelic wah-wah, funky...
  • Brandy Clark Hints New Album Will Have More Edge
    Brandy Clark's Grammy-nominated debut, 12 Stories is fairly even-toned, never jarring – at least not musically. The songs serve mainly as vehicles for Clark's angelic vocals and devilish lyrics ("Crazy women are made by crazy men," "What'll keep me out of heaven will take me there tonight"). But the...

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