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  • Joe Nichols on Bentley, the Band and Why There's No Justice in Music
    Joe Nichols almost nailed it: When the country hitmaker took the stage for a Friday afternoon set at New York's Farmborough Festival, the sky was partly cloudy and the temperature was 76 degrees — not far from the conditions celebrated in 2013's chart-topping "Sunny and 75." Nevertheless, the song...
  • Striking Matches Talk Duo Power, 'Nashville' Connection
    Striking Matches have a knack for constructing lovely songs. Just as importantly, they excel at building and maintaining close relationships. Talking before an acoustic but raucous performance at New York City's FarmBorough Festival last weekend, the duo of Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis returned again and again to their key...
  • Rare Test Pressing of Bob Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' Found
    A test pressing of Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks – one of rock's rarest records with only five known existing copies – is now available thanks to Amoeba Music. The West Coast record chain recently acquired the test pressing of the classic LP, dubbed the "New York"...

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