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  • Eric Clapton sued by musician's estate over iconic song
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The estate of a Mississippi blues musician has filed a lawsuit against Eric Clapton, accusing the Hall of Fame guitarist of giving a songwriting credit to the wrong artist.
  • Comedian Pikotaro astonished by viral success of 'PPAP' song
    TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese comedian behind the viral hit "PPAP" said Friday that he is astonished by the global success of his "pen-pinapple-apple-pen" song.
  • 'Transformers' producers lose China legal battle: Xinhua
    The Hollywood studio that made the latest "Transformers" blockbuster must pay a Chinese scenic area more than two million yuan ($300,000) because it failed to include the park's logo, state media reported. A court in Chongqing ordered Paramount Pictures and its Beijing partner to pay the money to a park in the southwestern municipality, the […]

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