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  • Rapper Coolio pleads guilty to bringing gun to airport
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rapper Coolio has been sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to bringing a concealed firearm to Los Angeles International Airport last month.
  • Review: 'Into the Inferno' is a lazy, meandering mess
    Just in time for Halloween comes a new documentary focusing on one of Earth's most frightening treats — volcanos. Even better, swashbuckling director and writer Werner Herzog is the filmmaker, so it's sure to be a hair-singing descent into the fiery heart of volcanos.
  • Review: Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon in 'Inferno'
    By a twist of fate, there are two infernos you can submerge yourself in this weekend. You can either take the Dan Brown audio tour of Florence and Dante's Divine Comedy in Ron Howard's adaptation of the author's "Inferno." Or you can tiptoe around the edges of volcanoes with Werner Herzog, contemplating their mythic power […]

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