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  • Zac Brown Band Take Chances at Jekyll + Hyde Tour Opener
    Zac Brown and his band of nimble-fingered shredders never shy away from taking risks and don't back down from broadening an already exceedingly eclectic sonic palette. And Friday night in Nashville, where — following a warm-up show Wednesday night in Tupelo, Mississippi — the band officially opened its bold and...
  • Paul McCartney: 'Let It Be' Inspired Kanye West's 'Only One'
    Paul McCartney has revealed in a new interview that he and Kanye West's collaborative single "Only One," written from the perspective of the rapper's late mother Donda West, was inspired by the Beatles' classic "Let It Be." Speaking to The Sun, McCartney also said that he and Kanye...
  • U2 Reschedule 'Tonight Show' Appearance
    U2 will guest on The Tonight Show on May 8th, nearly six months after a major bicycle accident forced Bono to cancel the band's weeklong residency on Jimmy Fallon's late night program. "You heard that right! U2 will be back on the show next Friday," The Tonight Show tweeted...

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