Liam Payne trained with Mark Wahlberg to prepare for underwear campaign

Jason HetheringtonLiam Payne has launched a new capsule clothing collection with Hugo Boss, but for his next fashion move, he’s saying “Strip It Down” — literally.

Liam also has a starring role in a new Hugo Boss underwear campaign, which will feature him posing practically naked. So how’d he get in shape for such revealing pics? He consulted the man who made half-naked underwear campaigns iconic: Mark Wahlberg.

Back in 1992, when the actor was a rapper known as Marky Mark, he dropped trou for a now-legendary Calvin Klein underwear campaign. Every campaign that’s come afterwards — including Justin Bieber‘s memorable Calvin ads — has been compared to Wahlberg’s.

Liam tells the New York Post that not only did he ask Wahlberg for advice while preparing for the “quite raunchy” shoot, he “even went in and trained with him.”

“The training part was a proper drag — can’t eat this, can’t eat that,” he adds. “But it was nice putting myself through that challenge, going into the gym with a motive.”

While we wait for that campaign to officially launch, Liam’s clothing collection is available, including t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts and sneakers, all decorated with chevrons, because Liam has them tattooed on his arm.  But he told the Post that he only discovered he’d gotten the tattoo when he woke up in bed one day with it after a drunken night out.

“I was literally still in bed Googling ‘tattoo removal.’ I really regretted it for a while — but I don’t know, with tattoos over time, I find that they just become part of you,” he explains.

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