Pitbull's not good at boxing, but he wants you to be — at his new GRIT BXING gym

Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboWant some motivation to get to the gym? Let Mr. Worldwide whip you into shape.

Pitbull‘s new boxing gym, GRIT BXING — a joint venture with life coach Tony Robbins — is now officially open for business in New York City. It offers 50-minute workouts that combine boxing, treadmills and strength training.

“It’s basically just putting in the boxing element into the gym,” Pitbull explains to ABC Radio. “Whether you’re dancing or you’re cycling, at this point, you’ll be able to box. And at the same time it gives people technique on self-defense.”

He adds, “When you know how to defend yourself, you basically have another level of self-esteem.”

If that’s not enough to draw you in, the gym boasts a full liquor bar, with both cocktails and mocktails for your post-workout refreshment needs. It also has a $1 million lighting and audio system that allows it to transform into a concert-style event venue. And for all you cryptocurrency fans, it’s the first studio to accept Bitcoin.

Plus, you just might see Pitbull practicing his punches right next to you.

“If you’re gonna ask if I’m good at boxing, no, I’m not,” he admits. “But I’m gonna be!” 

A second location is already set to open in San Francisco with a third location in the works.

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