New Crook County Jail Opens Up

After many weeks of waiting, the new Crook County Jail is finally open for business.

At 1800 hours (6pm) on August 5 th , 2019, all inmates were moved from the old Crook
County Jail, walked across the street and were processed into the new Crook County Jail.
The entire process took about two hours until everyone was processed and lodged in the
new facility.

This was a historical event for Crook County with the closing of the old facility that has
been used as a jail since 1968. The new facility is a modern facility with technology to
assist Corrections Staff with safety and security of the facility and staff, as well as the

The inmates currently housed in the historic Crook County Jail got to be the first in the
new jail. We will continue to operate with those inmates while staff adjusts to the new
facility before bringing over the inmates housed in the Jefferson County Jail.

Over the next few weeks, we will be housing all Crook County inmates in the new facility.
This has been long overdue for Crook County and the Community should be proud of
this new facility that you have provided for.