Goo Goo Dolls' new album, 'Miracle Pill,' was partly inspired by performing their 20-year old album

Ed Gregory & Dan Cooper

On Friday, Goo Goo Dolls announced that their new album Miracle Pill would be released September 12.   This will be the “Iris” band’s 12 studio album, but frontman Johnny Rzeznik says they changed things up to keep things “interesting.”

“Making Miracle Pill was a lot of fun ’cause we worked with a lot of different people, and we recorded it in three or four different places,” Johnny tells ABC Radio. “And we would take field trips, and do recording in different places. Like the Orpheum Theater [in] downtown [L.A.], we recorded the pipe organ.”

“Just doing things like that,” he adds. “Hiding out in this recording studio, and it was at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel [in New York City]…pretty interesting.”

Johnny says he was inspired to create the new songs on Miracle Pill after spending last summer revisiting the band’s old material:  They did a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their biggest album, Dizzy Up the Girl, and played it in its entirety every night.

“That was a fun experience…I had to relearn a few songs I hadn’t played since since we made the record,” Johnny says. “And I’m glad we did it, and in a way it was kind of like being able to close the door on that chapter and get to work on something new.”

In other words, Johnny says, “I got very excited to write new material when we got done with that tour.”

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