Watch Taylor Swift's pals gush over their cameos in her “You Need to Calm Down” video

TAS Rights ManagementItching to see even more behind-the-scenes action from Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” video? People has a new exclusive clip, showing some of Taylor’s pals and co-stars as they geek out over being part of her LGBT-friendly video.

The clip features internet personality Hannah Hart, plus-size model Dexter Mayfield, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon and entertainer Todrick Hall as they film their respective cameos in Taylor’s rainbow-colored trailer park.

“I literally thought I was gonna get a [shot] from a camera for just a moment, so all this sounds amazing,” Hannah tells Taylor, after finding out she’s going to have her own dancing moment in the video.

Later, while getting ready to film a group scene, Taylor compliments Adam’s sheer crop-top.

“You look phenomenal. Love that your nipples are making a cameo,” she tells him. “That’s a separate cameo. That’s amazing.”

In between shots, Todrick, who co-produced the video with Taylor, gushes over the experience.

“This is maybe the best I’ve felt since maybe I came out,” he tells Taylor. “I came out of my mom’s body, I came out of the closet, and now I feel like this is my third coming out.”

Taylor’s new album Lover comes out August 23.

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